08.09. Registered as a KTF subcontractor
08.07.07 Issued uniform stocks
08.05.15 Acquired 700 million won in investment (Capital 1.399 billion won)
08.03.06 Reduced capital (Capital 699 million won)
07.04.01 Obtained ISO 14000 certification (Korea Management Association)
04.06.25 Received the Best Businessman Award (Gyeonggi-do Governor)
04.02.11 Awarded grand prize for outstanding small business
  venture in Gyeonggi(Gyeonggi-do Governor)
02.07.29 Appointed as a INNO-BIZ company
  (Small and Medium Business Administration)
00.06.15 Appointed as a promising company in Gyeonggi-do
  (Gyeonggi-do Governor)
00.02.10 Increased capital (Capital 4.35 billion won)
00.02.10 Acquired 4 billion won in investment (KTB, etc.)

99.07.26 Appointed as a seed company
  (Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)
99.01.10 Selected as a SKT subcontractor (Filter, Duplexer)
98.11.27 Appointed as a designated enterprise
  (Military Manpower Administration)
98.10.30 Obtained ISO9001 certification (Korea Management Association)
98.09.01 Certified as a venture company
  (Small and Medium Business Administration)
98.04.24 Increased capital (Capital 350 million won)
98.02.18 Approved research center
  (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

97.03.13 Appointed as an outstanding new technology company
  (Ministry of Information and Communication)
96.03.10 Registered factory (Suwon City)
95.03.02 Gained incorporation (Capital 50 million won)